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Nuclear Film By Ram Gopal Verma


There is already a shamble and speculations rising about 3rd world war across the country. Many neighboring countries are alarming threat to their long standing rivals with discovering the most deadly weapon and if they are triggered, the repercussions are unimaginable as these dirty bombs won’t spare anyone to imagine. Countries like Pakistan and Pakistan origin terrorist are always a threat and hindrance to India and other neighboring nations, same way Russia’s latest innovation on satan – 2 nuke bomb which is more than 2000 times powerful than the nuclear blast in Hiroshima which is an intensive warning sent to the western countries like USA and UK.


China had last week revealed about its 5th generation fighter jet deployment and increasing its military exercise with naval blockade over the long disputed South China Sea. So this creates a scuffle among the countries by show casing their supremacy over nukes and other ballistic missiles. Amid these uncertainties and aggressions among countries, here come the man named RAM GOPAL VARMA who declared about his Nuclear and expected to drop it in the nearest future through his movie as a medium.

Nuclear Film By Ram Gopal Verma

RAMU is known to be the most whimsical and maverick person in Indian film fraternity. RGV is man of different facets where he comments on politics but he is not a politician. He comments on social issues but he is not a philanthropist or a social activist. He comments on himself with dirty and gibberish jokes and but this time he is RamGopalVarma. Even though he seems to be on aberration mode, he is an ace film maker who is said to be incredibly talented when it comes to work film.   His tweet on 7th November brought shock waves and made the entire industry to get flabbergasted with his magnum opus project “nuclear”. The title is more than enough for the plot and story that is going to get evolved in this movie. in between his movie sarkaar 3 with BigB, he unwrapped his nuclear. The film’s background is terrorism and the nuclear threat that is alarming most of the countries.

Since nuclear is made at a whopping cost 340 crore, it may take some time to blast on the city. RGV captured Mumbai city for the nuclear explosion and till it detonates have a nail biting days ahead!

RGV : Ram Gopal Verma

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