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Find Real Reason Behind Success of ‘Sultan’

Breaking records in India and now hitting collection in Pakistan with Rs. 116 million and globally 260 crores, in first 3 days only, despite being leaked online, nothing affected the Bhai ki film, Sultan from being a hit. Truly it was aptly released on Eid but that’s not all responsible for its hit and high collections breaking all records.

After all the controversies and allegations we accept our actors when their movie releases. That’s apparently true admirers of art. What makes it even more plausible is that, we are emotional and sometimes too emotional. Our emotions get hurt by a single statement given by our star  hero, when we want him to be right in the eyes of millions of people. The same emotions carry the stars on shoulders when an adorable concept is brought in light through his movie with his hard work and heart touching acting.

What was behind Sultan to make it a hit besides Eid holidays? 

There is a youth in all of us who like to take up challenges, be it fitness or career or family and so we connect with it easily.

Aarfaa ( Anushka Sharma ) touched the issue of girl child being ignored and deprived of a life, facilities and a career just for being a girl. The movie revolves round sports and sportsmanship making Haryana its soul, the producer of significant athletes and sports persons.

anushka sharma sultan

Salman, looked little heavy and bulky apparently not as fit as required in running and winning the catching a kite race, but he manages, after all he was our hero. However the same bulk was perhaps required for the kushti sport.

sultan wrestling

Script has a lot of positivity to pass on to its viewers. Every time Salman is disappointed, his reaction to the sulk comes out to be something positive.

Sultan Anushka

Rejection from the girl only makes him come up with his career in wrestling, losing his son right after birth leaves him with a determination to open blood bank in the village, endless delay from the minister to set up the blood bank leads to accept challenge for the World  Championship in Mix Martial Art and finally to pay back the faith of his coach, played by Randeep Hooda, added to his winning the championship without giving up despite his broken ribs.

sultan randeep

One major add on this movie has done to Mix Martial Art giving it a publicity and bringing to people’s notice.


While carrying on the Rio Olympics 2016, Brand Ambassadorship, Salman Khan through this movie has brought out MMA pairing well with the news of UFC being sold for an immense price of $4 billion.


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