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Naseeruddin Shah Striking the Chord Good as Ever

Despite the grey hair and some fine lines, Naseeruddin Shah is still a heartthrob actor of many. This theater alumni has lived his entire life performing finest characters and well chosen script. When he says, Don’t plan your career to succeed, I am sure he means live your life well and look back how beautifully you have been weaving it.


Naseer, does not believe that a school teaches acting. Acting flourishes within an actor and grows better with each performance. All that you need to do is to believe in yourself and just do it. You only need to seek a platform and swim through it. The actor has been mentor to many including Randeep Hooda, who flawlessly has been proving that a good actor is a fine wine, can only get better.

Making it a lot interestingly available his autobiography tells much about his learning in life and about life. Like many teenagers, having felt his father indifferent to his aspirations, now he understands the stand of a parent. Career against parent’s will, first failed marriage, uneasiness accepting early fatherhood or being into a habit of smoking, Shah came over everything very well and all apparently because of his passion of acting and doing well at it.

His recent short film Interior Cafe Night by Adhiraj Bose, has been viral over the net and indeed bears a good reason behind. The one plot and one conversation will touch hearts of many, where this man gets to see his lost love out of nowhere. Its a confrontation with self where we forget sometimes that if we don’t do, it might never be done. Another fine actor, Shernaz Patel has complimented the shot with her refined and effortless acting completing with her beauty and lively smile.

Watch Interior Cafe Night

Wishing this man of era a long, happy and healthy life.

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