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R D Burman

Unleashing R D Burman on his Birthday

Legendary Music Composer R D Burman, has always always tuned to our ears and souls with each and every composition of his life. Now discover some heart touching facets of this musical man, bound to impress you deeply.

Gem of a child

R D burman child

This amazingly sweet man was clearly born for music only. Looking back it should definitely have been matter of pride for Burman Da when his music was taken by his father S D Burman for a movie Funtoosh, R D Burman was then barely 9 Years old.


Adorable Man

Asha Bhosle R D Burman

It is out of question to think of a relation without arguments and fights. A huge segment of comedy, media and professionals in fact exist on the basis of these fights and the sour that any couple share. This is rather sweetened by saying that all these little fights and arguments make the bond stronger.

Pancham da put it very differently when Asha ji revealed one and only incident when they both didn’t speak to each other for one week. Once in studio while listening to the song Zindagi ke safar mein, he looked at Asha ji and Asha ji started crying. That was the moment he decided that life is too small for any fight and lose the precious moments. Then onwards never in life they fought over anything.


Legend beyond Borders

Adnan Sami R D Burman

Our very dear singer Adnan Sami found his first address in R D Burman’s home in India, where he got love and the homely welcome inspiring for everyone and proving music is the language of love beyond every religion and boundaries. Sami was even encouraged in his teen age to take up music as career by Pancham da.



r d burman music

Music of R D Burman saw music in everything including not just cup and saucer but also comb, beer bottle, sand paper, bamboo sticks, even the sounds of gargle. He was not just a music creator but the music innovator, making him an extraordinary legend.

He was the change maker of Indian music in 80s when Indian music was quite subsiding. He went broadly experimental with all sorts of instruments including Electronic Organ, Synthesizer, Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo, Bulbul Tarang, Spanish Guitar, Sitar, Tar Shehnai, Swarolin and more. He was the one to make Electronic Rock popular in India.



Pancham Da

This music man has been on wishlist of every music lover. Check out the most remembered songs of his fans and spend a nostalgic day with Pancham da.


List will go truly endless. Just keep listening to your favourites out of these and many more, in love, Pancham da.

Wishing you a very happy birthday.



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