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Rap Your Menu With These Amusing Numbers

The 90’s Indipop performer and first Indian Rapper Baba Sehgal had been part of every audio cassette collection back then. We hear old is gold and old songs have their own charm. That may not stand true to all numbers in same sense though listening to Baba’s few rap numbers makes it amusing at least for once. So may be this has been an epic rapper who lived every moment of his life doing rap. From dabba to katori or pani to puri it was all rap for Baba Sehgal.

Thanda Thanda Pani

It’s your right to drink water no matter what. Stand upright for your rights and do get your pani guys.

Aloo Ka Paratha

Resisting hot Aloo Ka Paratha with loads of white butter is tough for many and so is for Baba perhaps. So sing it out.

Rajma Chawal

Don’t know how to eat Rajma Chawal? Most likely you do. So just sing it out.

Chicken Fried Rice

No compromise with chicken? There’s something for you too 🙂


Chapati ( Round Banana )

Chapati round or not, doesn’t matter but if it’s your dream then try out while rapping.

O My Lovely Pizza

For no cooking people, Baba is still with you to rap.

Bread Butter Jam

Kuch Nahi Khana? Left with no option? Worry not! Bread Butter Jam to hai na. Chill!

You have something to add to the menu? Let us know. If you rap yourself, send it in.



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