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New Face Of Psy Trance Music Festivals

Psy Trance music takes you to the trance of music by arrangements of synthetic rhythms and layered melodies created by high tempo riffs. But that’s not all. It holds an inside story which many people know. Where some like it the way it is, while many feel pity on the saddened state of music and festivals in the name of music. Here’s an insight on Psy Trance music and Music festivals in India by founder of Himalayan Music Festivals, Abhinav Kashyap and his journey on being a differentiator in connecting music and the souls. 

It all started in 2011 when the Psy trance festivals were in rise in India, I had never seen so many festivals happening all across the nation and people going nuts over it. Travelling to Goa, Kodai & Himachal, I visited some of the parties in Hills and Goa and to be honest I did not like what was being offered in the name of Psy trance gatherings I did not find my connect. And this was not just me, there were many who had the same feeling.

A German national shared his view with me during our conversation this is not a Psy trance gathering “it’s a setup to make money it’s a setup to make slaves” I could understand what he was referring too.

Diggin’ Deeper

Every festival I could see the only names who were big and famous were playing, there were merely few who had given chances to their local budding artist/musicians and majority of festivals were so much crowded that you only could smell the sweat and taste dust. Leave about finding your own space!

Psy festivals were better on this part as the gathering would not be big as these commercial music festivals and back then none of these festivals were supporting Psy acts reason unknown. Social media was full of comments from people and few of them had one thing which took my attention that local artist were struggling hard to find a Platform where they could showcase their talent and that’s the only thing they were asking.

The second biggest problem as a Psy trance follower I had faced people would ask me “do you do chemicals or do you smoke pot”. It was saddening to hear what kind of image Psy trance was having in general public and I won’t lie this is how every music festival is facing problem people doing drugs and moreover we trying to ignore the fact that people want to get high no matter what you tell them they will do what they want to.

Travelling Through and Decoding The Complex

I have had quite similar experience back in 2004-2006 and I could understand what it was all about and then I decided to go to every festival across India be it the major one’s or the small time festivals and I travelled to Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi and what I could find out was one thing. It’s a business run down to make money not to promote music or artist.

In 2012, I decided to create a Platform where music would be the primary force and giving platform to the budding local artist would be the prime objective and the quest to make people understand you don’t need to be high on drugs to connect with music and choose to start with a psy trance music festivals coz nothing would make me happier than bringing music back to mountains and making people rise above drugs I knew something unique had begun.

Why we listen to music at all, has many many reasons. You have to agree with





Isn’t it?

So here the journey begins of making trance music ideal, where you can be lost in music for the whole day and relive. Will be back with what Himalayan Music Festivals is all about and unwrap it’s unique proposal to indulge in pure music and nothing else.

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