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Music Label That Unveils The Talent Hidden In You

For You To Be Great and For the Nation To Be Great, We Have To THING BIG!  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Indeed when you wish to do big, you need to think beyond and have a greater vision. We have a system of living in the society which makes our lives easy in many ways. However the same society has always induced some or the other rules and set of liabilities. Hopefully having made for the good, these rules, pattern of relationships, expectations became so much a norm that individuality started fading. These are the shackles, we sometimes have to chose to break free.

Time Travel

We’re not born with a manual and specifications and so neither we, nor others get to know what treasure of talent is hidden within us. More often we just follow the course of life and take life as it comes. Still, until we meet our hidden talent and start pursuing it, we do get a knock from inside. Despite the talent and the call from inside, is it that easy to hear it, heed to it and chase your dream?

There have been great influencers, leaders and motivational factors that do wonders very often. One such factor is music. Music is motivational, it is healing. It just fills our life like particles filling a state of matter. Ashutosh Upadhyay, is one such Songwriter, Singer and a Record Producer who ventured into record label after doing his IIT, for the love of music. This young lad was not just passionate about his singing career but also showed deep respect to all those talented people who just need to realize their potential and their passion. With all the hope to instill some spark into their lives, he along with his brother Anurag Upadhyay (alumus of NIT Warangal) formed Purplehed.


Feel The Passion

Purplehed is an independent record label based in Mumbai which became operational in 2014. Aiming to produce music for worldwide audience by exploring contemporary music and dance art forms, Purplehed has already launched Burn Like The Sun inspired by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Feel The Passion .

M. S. Dhoni was not the Dhoni until he broke away the shackles and pursued his path. The Tomar dadi, while taking up shooting left a prominent example of how listening to your heart and passion makes a whole lot of difference in your life and persona. How can we forget to mention the paralmpic stars who defy all stereotypes!

When you’re on the path or struggling to find one with your inner strength, you get a lot of inspiration and motivation from the music, as created by Purplehed. It’s music, beats and the contemporary dance altogether urges you to wake up, realize, break the shackles and set your mark.


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