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It was very concerned issue taken up by Abhishek Chaubey in Udta Punjab. Bollywood has indeed been a social reformer down the line and has been revealing causes and concerns to people at mass. The plague of drugs in Punjab even gave politicians a hyped propaganda and if taken really seriously a direction to work upon post elections in Punjab. When a movie is much hyped and when censor does every effort to put lot of cuts, the movie gets a edge over with the curiosity mounted.

udta punjab

However, with the series of leaking movies online, piracy is becoming very common and used very conveniently, by the time. Udta Punjab was leaked 2 days before its release followed by Great Grand Masti and now Sultan. A lot of time, hard work, money, pain, patience goes into making a great film.

anushka sharma sultan

Producers of Udta Punjab even filed a complaint against piracy but it’s stopping nowhere. Its demotivating and not paying well the makers, actors and an entire industry having people in background putting their best of efforts to give us entertainment worth our money.


Thinking about who is responsible, is it people who download it or the sites that put it online and leak these movies. Well, what’s wrong is wrong even if we try to justify it with the high entertainment taxes. Is government really not capable to take action against this? Ethical or unethical, is left up to you.

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