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Karan’s Dil is saved by Center Government

It was mushkil for the dil to screen amidst the threat and terror induced by MNS at large. For a film with a huge star cast including the big budget stars and a budget rolled out about 55crores, it was almost a diwali with less lighting.

“There were 300 Indian people in my crew and I don’t think it’s fair to the blood & sweat they have put into this.” Karan Johar said.

Apparently there is nothing to worry about now. Diwali entertainment is all set with the support from the government in the Centre by Rajnath Singh and State by Devendra Fadnavis. However this was not so easily expected by the film industry. So finally a talk and emotions work well in India, lucky we.

MNS is said to be not backing off yet the vow to give ample protection by both the government, centre and state stands by.

Indeed, this is most logical step how the government should have taken. Working through policies is always better in the welfare of all. India is a sensitive country and has to be acting more sensibly as well. In an attempt to show some harsh stand against Pakistan’s attack decision to boycott Indian movies release having Pakistani actors will ultimately be loss to Indian economy. Rather than obstructing and intervening it is wiser to act through policies in advance.

Release Date: 28th October

Reasons mentioned to watch by youth: For the sake of love & for the love of stars. For the love of singers, and just for Love.

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