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Single And Sad? No Way!!

This was just not on the cards to write about but there’s something that clicks….. for the singles (especially obliging the life and just the To-Dos and chores). Who says life is only happening for the love birds? The adventure a single can experience, that’s only the additional jealousy for the engaged ones. The mysterious love enters in its mysterious ways, when you least expect it. Least expectation? Though I feel expectation is always there for a single, at it’s most 😛 It’s just that you don’t always find that one person, having the same expectations.

Single and Sad? No Way!!

This short and sweet compilation of emotions and ironies of singles will definitely give you a positive vibe and a desire to live fully with yourself and for yourself. You never know when the magic clicks. Doesn’t it moreover say, start loving yourself and love will be all yours?!




Enjoy watching, the lovely couple Naveen Kasturia (Ayaan) and Gunjan Malhotra (Rhea).

So Got a half ticket only? Not a problem! There has to be other half somewhere 🙂


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