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Bindu Kahin Vishram Nahi Karta, A Review Meri Pyari Bindu

When there was no other plan and we had to do something relaxing on Mother’s Day, watching a movie sounded comforting and safe choice. Again when not too many movies were out to decide from, Ayushman Khurana and Parineeti Chopra were the ones I expected to be decently entertaining. And I chose Meri Pyari Bindu. My expectations were little high as I thought this movie will be just a commercial one, playing comfortably behind some quirky outward script with no long term relevance and just a laugh for the moment. It disappointed me but not like you think..

Watch it Or Not??

I mean who would expect from a comedy and romance genre to leave a mark and a smile when you leave the theatre?! I am sure this was not a movie to watch and no one should go to watch it. Rather its a movie to Read. It’s a writer’s style, or a writer’s soul. When scenes enter without knocking from the flashback, they take you to where you feel you belong in present. At the same time, when you come back in present and out of that flashback, it’s not gloomy, not too ideal nor even way goody goody to be unbelievably good. Suprotim Sengupta might not have done a great story in everyone’s eyes (at least as I heard it) but an interesting story for the ones who can feel it.

The Story

The story may not be epical but its so beautifully woven that, it embraced many tiny beautiful moments of life which we enjoy day to day or sometimes admire. The imperfection and non commitment is the story line of the film, which looks beautiful when you don’t make it a tug of achieving something. Not everything is explainable and no everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you just go by the flow and that’s how we naturally are. Just like the wind and water. Life becomes a problem when we wish to become stationary and close the doors to unexpected change.

The Beautiful Captures


If you’re not the perfectionist who wishes to know by all means, who that one guy is whom Parineeti finally chooses and if you’re that one person who many times have felt that no everything has a perfect closing yet is enjoyable, you will have many beautiful captures in the film. The culture of Bengal as shown, makes me believe, love resides in Bengal like an ocean and you just need to make a dip. The songs, played so smoothly and merged so well that every ounce of me could feel it hours later too. That’s the magic of music. The romance of climbing the tree only, the romance of trying out everything for the sake of love and fun, the romance of romancing in the moment, is what Meri Pyari Bindu is about.

Good that I had no expectations from the movie as such. I was really really surprised by the humour, drama and that imperfect, incomplete and unaccomplished love.

Enjoy the silly moments.

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