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Give Back Something To Earth, Let’s Cool It Down

Earth Day is being observed round the world. A day that’s one of most significant for our being and give us a call to Act. Let’s know the little gestures you can make for mother Earth on the day. We have done a lot to make it hot and have even started suffering for the doing. Showing your love for Earth will be easy with knowing these plants and making them your extended family. Earthly Creations, the space of terracotta pots and garden decor, helped us knowing how easy, beautiful and airy it can be with little changes in our surrounding.

Adopt A Terracotta Pot

Terracotta as a medium is a breathing porous material. As a result it lets the plant also breathe. When the plants breathe, the whole environment becomes cleaner in return. Breathe in a better and cleaner air, that’s your reward attached to it.

What Exactly A Terracotta Pot Does

The water in the pots create a cooling effect in the surrounding through evaporation. The mass effect of having terracotta pots with plants has a multiplier effect in bringing down the temperature by at least 2 degrees. 

Also, terracotta pots are bio-degradable. They come from soil and go back to soil, thus eco-friendly.

All the bird and animal shaped pots sensitise us somewhere towards environment and towards the need to protect the flora and fauna.

Let’s talk about the lovely plants you can bring your home and make remarkable difference. Expert tips and information included from greenkartonline.







Sansevieria tops the list of decorative plants being most tolerable. It survives the most unsuitable growing conditions, neglect and abuse that a plant can receive. In fact, to kill sansevieria, you will have to work hard.






Money Plant

Earth Day Money Plant



We’re so used to having money plant in our homes that grows easily in water and soil both. Generally grown in Asian homes, it is regarded as one of the best air purifier. It energises the surroundings by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow.

Tip: If your home is on dry side, keep a saucer below the pot filled with pebbles and water. Move your money plant outside in summer to an area with dappled light but don’t forget to move it back in before fall.











Most popularly you can see yellow edged leaves of variegata, out of the different variations of this plant. They usually grow up to 3ft tall indoors, over a few years. Also called Song of India plant, was used by NASA in clear air study which proved to remove considerable amount of toxins from the environment.





Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy Basil



Widely known for medicinal purpose and used for offering prayers also, it is easy to grow in pots in any big or small space. Growing it in a separate pot gives it ample growth for the needful.











Another plant scoring position in clean air plants list by NASA, is chlorophytum, also known as spider plant. Seeks less care and make a wonderful balcony companion making a way for clean air in your homes.


Ideal Way To Water The Plants

Water the plants, until the water runs down the drainage holes. Then let them dry out between watering.


Such beneficial plants when placed in terracotta pots, they double the benefits and bring aesthetic sense to the place. For bringing down the temperature and giving back something to Earth, at least this much we can do.



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