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Decor from 60s

Best of Décor from 60s That Are Compellingly Classy

Time & again designs have inspired designs. What once was piece of art, always remains one after all. Digging into 60s its nostalgic and inspiring looking at the flawless décor of the era with its own uniqueness. The interior décor designs change and create a trend every now and then, but the modern movement started in 60s offered mind-blowing designs and patterns. Why the incredible craze for 60s never went away? Scoop up!

Décor & Elegant Accessories

Add elegance to your living space by placing a rug and the corner started surprising with stylish adornment. During 60s, there are several particulars that evoked a fascinating change and a few styles became much popular. The furniture and the home accessories are much decorative. The fashionable elements became much prominent and the outstanding expressions offered a relaxed glimpse.

Rugs 60s


Vintage Appeal

vintage walls

Call it the vintage collection or give any other name the amazing fabric patterns and the dominant designs make the furniture look appealing. The unique touch of the furniture clearly makes every room earn a charming appeal.

Vintage walls

The enchanting varieties of sofas, chairs, rugs made using different materials and many stands as a combination of the antiquity and style.

vintage sofa

Shades that speak aloud

The décor as well as the furniture in the 60s are of dominant style and are known for contemporary look. The art patterns and the dynamic designs are perfect and are a blend of vibrant shades and rich fabrics.


The popular colors and the wonderful fabrics started creating modern houses turning the rooms look spacious. The floral patterns and bright colors tie and dye designs make the bedspreads, drapes load with richness in the house.

floral designs interior

Classic Wallpapers

Artwork and various options, started earning amazing craze in 60’s. During this time people started treasuring several impressive architectural patterns, lamps, glass work, sculptures and various art works.

contemporary wallpapers

The wonderful furnishings created a harmonious appeal in the room and the classy wallpaper doubles elegance of the room.



Vibrant Shades

Whatever may be the décor or furnishings the shades owe a unique importance. There are numerous catchy colors which became popular in the 60s. Starting from the bright red, green, aqua shades, neon colors and other pastel shades came up breaking the regular white and pale colors.

interior colours


interiors from 60s

People in 60’s created their style statement by decorating the house following the extraordinary fashions. With a belief in freedom of expression the homemakers taught the future generations the joy of turning the house to be an opulent living space. So, decorate your house considering the distinct designing style of the 60s, which ensure a fresh and a cool appeal to your adobe.

Designers like Dorothy Draper, David Hicks are influential and are popular among  the décor lovers who are known for  designing refined rooms.

Designer Dorothy


Home is a place where we can place things according to our taste. There are people who love traditional methods with a contemporary touch. Our choice is expressed in the form of the décor which we pick.


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