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Beautify Your Home This Festive Season with DIY

A long festive season means a long gaiety. We have Dussehra and Diwali in the same month. We’re all set with the shopping craze, getting lovely outfits ready, gifting lists and much more. Let’s get our homes get in festive mood too. Not just with a paint session but few cool ideas. The ideas that are DIY, extremely simple and will stun your visitors.

A well decorated home is a sign of aesthetic taste and brings prosperity and joy to home. Besides Change is refreshing. So, try this out and bring a smile to your house too.


De clutter your home

De clutter

The first step towards brightening your home is cleaning and de cluttering. Throw or give away unnecessary things. A clean house attracts positive energy. TODAY!!


Re arrange furniture in your home again


Relocate or re arrange the furniture as per different functions of the room to give a fresh look again. Change the bed and cushions to traditional colours to achieve a festive look.


Home Decorations with decorative items


Rangolis can be made near the entrance, in the Pooja room or puja space using sand or rice powder. Stick a few kundan rangolis in your living room. They will bring a chic ethnic look to the home.

Flower Decoration

Flower Decorations Use flowers to decorate the entrance of your house. You can hang them as Torans. The floral scents will uplift your spirits and bring a festive mood.

Paper Decoration

Paper decorations: Hang some paper decorations in hallways.

Why not involve kids in making some paper decorations. It will make them feel a part of the festive activities and inculcate a sense of culture in them.  Involve your your kids too in DIY.

Floating Candles

Floating Candles: Decorate your home with floating candles. Fill a vessel with water, add flower petals and floating candles to it. You can place it in your living room to add a personal touch and warmth to it.

DIY Lights

LED Lights: You can put this string lights anywhere you wish to make it more appeasing this festival season.



Happy Homes to you 🙂



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