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All Your If’s And But’s On Interior Are Sorted Now

When it comes to Italian, it speaks style, class, elegance, culture and uniqueness. When you get Italian lifestyle Decor accessible, you won’t be a step behind the exclusive class and style. Home is the place your soul looks forward to belong and Office is the place you’re supposed to spend your best and most of the time. It is interior of a place that makes it meaningful and lets you connect with it. The furniture, the lighting, the flooring put into visually stimulating environment, with a space smartness, is what most of us long for.

Parushni Aggarwal
Parushni Aggarwal, Creative Director

Parushni Aggarwal, founder StudioCREO has come forward to extend some insight on what people generally think about designing and what is it they must know to make their lifestyle little more sassy. She has made the style most accessible and affordable.

Bring Exotic Interior for Every Home


Decorative designs and accessories from other culture are the best way to escape from one environment to another. Bringing Italy home has become easier with the wide variety of options made available by some renowned Italian Brands such as Calligaris.



Calligaris is an Italian company that combines the Italian penchant for design with function, quality with reliability.

How to Make your place spacious

The space should be arranged with the aim of making it visually light and balanced.


The weight of the furniture should be divided equally in the space to make the place look spacious.

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Add a mirror, it draws the eyes up, creates an illusion of space and bounces light across the room.


Built-in and foldable furniture is another way to optimise the use of available space.

Never think of these in your workplace

office furniture

Do not try mood lighting or fluctuating lighting system in offices.

Is hiring an interior designer really important

Hiring an interior designer is always a wise and sensible choice. A designer can save you from the costly mistakes, keeps you in budget and saves time.


Additionally, they add the ‘wow’ factor to your space with their knowledge and experience.

Something on Budget… myth and fact


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Interior designers charge on the basis of project scale and the time frame you have in mind. Usually, designer charge quite a reasonable fee and the output you will get will be worth every penny paid.

Nikoo Interiors, home set up of StudioCREO, is a very carefully curated selection of furniture from Italy. The products are designer pieces from reputed brands such as Le Comfort, MAB, Calligaris, Ditre Italia, Tumidei and Midj, Diemmebi, O&G amongst others. The quality promised by each brand is to reckon with for a luxury experience. In addition to easing the process of having this furniture, Nikoo Interiors also provides design assistance to select and customize the look customers aspire for.

The 10,000 square foot, StudioCREO, located in the heart of Delhi, is aimed at being a one-point destination to Students, Architects, Interior Designers and Final buyers.

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Parushni Aggarwal
Ms. Parushni Aggarwal, Founder and Creative Director of StudioCREO, believes that Home space has undergone a radical shift in the eyes of the resident and the customer. Occupational as well as residential spaces are no longer a means to an end but a place of personal expression. The idea of happy living is intrinsic to this and we at StudioCREO are constantly on the lookout for solutions. We aim to provide people a chance to channel their creative vision by making them experience the outlet while it’s set up with designer Italian furniture.