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This Species Of Employers Still Exist?!

“The employers behave very kindly and socially with the employees so that when it comes to the wage day, they are easily able to get away with it with the help of the ‘Relations’ they have built with the employees.”

P.S. Youth Brigade, Are You Getting Paid?

India has a ‘Youth Enthusiasm Quotient’ for sure. With millions of them getting paid for that, there are a lot of them not getting paid for their hard work. ‘Not Getting Paid’ Yes.

Rising Shaking Pillars

The young enthusiasts of today know no dependency. The day they start seeing themselves in a position that they can survive, they stop asking for money from their parents. It’s extremely amazing to see India and its youth standing for themselves as independent pillars. What if, you discover that the pillars are shaking due to some people?


The Ironical Dependency

There are two kinds of people in this Independent arena: Employees and Employers. ‘Employees’ are the non-executive level of people in an organisation employed over wages per month or according to the company’s norms. ‘Employers’ are the ones who hire these employees for the smooth functioning of their organisation. Now, THE REALITY IS.. ‘Employees’ are those independent individuals who work for a certain amount of money agreed on papers with the organisation and ‘Employers’ are those people who exploit the entire ‘Kind 1 range’ for their commercial advancements.

A very fatal impact lies in the condition of the individuals who fall into such kind of employment provisions. The employers behave very kindly and socially with the employees so that when it comes to the wage day, they are easily able to get away with it with the help of the “relations” they have built with the employees.

Excerpts You Might Relate To

  • A similar case took place in a popular Public Relation Agency in East of Kailash (name undisclosed). This is not the only company in Delhi which plays a big role in discouraging the newly independent youth brigade. It has a unique style of employing young and zealous talent, making them do a good handsome amount of business for them and eventually turning out to be too relative to pay the basic salary. Eventually, after a prolonged wage wait, the employees leave the agency even after performing their job properly because now even relations could not hold them.   The employers of such agencies claim to be a renowned name in the industry during interviews and recruitment procedures.


  • Another individual relates to a law firm which has a pattern of its own of hiring freshers and newly meant CAs and eventually showing too traumatic (about a family issue) to pay on time; leaving the employees traumatised instead!


  • Also, there is this individual who wanted me to add on his case to the report. An employer in Saket (name undisclosed) hired this individual for a night shift and after one month, the salary was given away in a cheque which got lost and he was never repaid even after repetitive reminders.

The point is.. If these employers are dependent upon its employees for understanding their situation, why isn’t there any support system when it comes to the monetary issues of that employee??? I mean isn’t it justified to work for the entire month to get paid once in it so that I can survive in a big town and learn to start being independent?? Is it a crime to ask for the money we had worked for?? Who, except the employer, is the source of income of an individual who is living in a far away city just to ensure he/she becomes independent enough to bear his/her expenses? Is there any support system which actually works for these employees and against these fraudulent organisations?? 

Perhaps, it has become no one’s duty to answer these questions. Every time the young individuals are conned, every time they have to handle it themselves. There has to be something real substantial to deal with this epidemic otherwise the marching Youth Brigade shall lose its way!

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