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Sales at School

4 Sales Skills For Success In Personal and Professional Life


Selling is human. Selling involves the activity wherein you get the other person to exchange something for what you are offering. Selling skills are universal and without sales – civilization and human life is unable to thrive.

Let’s understand through few real life situations:

Situation 1: You had a school trip which you wanted to go but your mom or dad was adamant in not letting you go.

Sales at School

What did you do to turn around the situation?

Did you sulk, argue or storm out of the house or made a deal with dad?

Most people who succeeded in attending the trip made a deal with their dads… unconsciously applying some sales skills. They listened to their dads, spoke softly, asked mom to take their side and explained the value of going to the trip for their social and academic lives –even promised to get good grades in exchange for sending them to the trip.


Situation 2: Observe the guy who got the good girl as his partner for life..

Partner Sales

What does he do differently? He won the girl’s hand by  providing value to the girl – by taking time to understand her, by listening to her, providing her emotional support, social support, moral support – all of which are sub conscious application of sales skills .


Situation 3: The same sales skills can be used to get a raise or a promotion in your office. Observe the top performers in your office and college – what do they do differently.

Sales at Office

They consciously apply these sales skills at work – they set goals, they listen to the boss, figure out what is needed for the next position, understand the company’s needs, provide value to the company and then above all communicate their abilities effectively


So – friends – Sales is inherent. Make it a priority to improve your sales skills for success and fulfillment in professional and personal lives.


Take a peek at the four key sales skills listed  below and start applying them in your personal and professional lives.

  • Genuine Listening: This involves the ability to focus completely on what the other person is saying and not just waiting for your turn to speak

Tip: Suspend your inner chatter while listening and truly care about the other person

  • Problem Solving: This involves asking the right questions, understanding the real needs, opening your mind to discover ways to be truly of service and committing to a course of action

Tip: Your goal should be to build a long term relationship based on trust, credibility and consistency

  • Objection Handling: This involves working through the challenges/ objections and conflicting opinions that one faces while moving towards the solution

Tip: Imagining challenges before meeting the client and thinking calmly helps you to find ways to reach agreement

  • Effective Communication: Once you have solved the problems, believe in yourself, tell your story and ask for a decision

Tip: Approaching this step with a sense of gratitude and joy enables you to handle success better and defeat sportively


Applying any new skill takes time, persistence and hard work – so put in the effort, hang on and you will see a steady rise in the sense of fulfillment and success in your life.

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