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Is Recruitment a Good Career Option For You?

A lot of people get their credentials in HR and its often taken as a comfort zone. But dear aspirants, give it a second and a careful thought. Your personality, your vision, your priorities are all the factors that decide if you are the perfect one for HR domain. Because it’s not just a job, its a duty to understand manpower, guide it, channelize it and own it. Coming to the HR recruitment, to many of the candidates it appears as a standby option to choose recruitment as a profession. Yes, it may be easy to grab the job as it doesn’t require technical skills.

Whereas in reality, its a career which is going to kill your professional side if you don’t have passion for it. (well it will gradually happen) and why shouldn’t it?

Realizing that you are in an industry which carries the responsibility of shaping a person’s career is something that should happen much before you decide to take up recruitment as a career option.

Its not just about placing a candidate for a vacancy. Its about getting into head of the candidate, read him and diagnose his skills. It is indeed a highly sensitive task , many a times when candidate himself doesn’t know what he wants and the pressure of earning his bread n butter takes him long away from his cup of tea; Its the task of the HR recruiter to have a one on one conversation and be available 24×7 to give the right advice and lead him to the right path.

My sincere thanks will be to those people who don’t come in recruitment when they cannot lead and don’t have the courage to keep the spirits up to be with the candidates in the thick n thins in all way possible.

Its not about a nine to five job dear!!

Happy Recruiting!

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