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The Email Hack You Must Know


Heck of an Email!!

Email as we know today had entered into substantial use by 1970s. As on date, we need to use our email ID on lot of places online. It’s always assured by the website we log in with our email ID that they will not spam. However they get a sneak entry to our email, anyway and then starts the gentle emails with a line at the bottom ‘if you do not wish to receive these email, kindly unsubscribe’. Right?


Who Traps You?


This is a very promising and easily practiced method of marketing for any product or services.

Sometime or other you might read on and sooner or later fall prey to needless shopping or subscription. This is how need is created.


Save you A** 


Save yourself now from thousands of emails needed to be deleted or managed or unsubscribed that waste up to at least half an hour every day, to come out of the trap of such emails.

Out there is a saviour, 10MinuteMail, where you create your authentic email ID for the one time purpose and this email self destructs after 10 minutes. That says “No Spam”! Isn’t it great?


Why Would You Need It At All?

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You need to get this temporary email address only when

  • You don’t trust the site.
  • You will not need the login for the site ever again.
  • You just need to use email to view the site content.
  • You’re too concerned about Spams.

PS: Don’t create 10MinuteMail when you might need the mail to recover passwords in future. No mails, No traces and No email will be there once destructed.


Safety Concerns

As the website ensures, it is pretty safe. Your personal information and the emails you receive through this temporary email service can never be retrieved.


Browse, Read, Explore as much you want. When you don’t need a long association better go for temporary email and start afresh. Matter of 10 Minutes..





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