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Best Place To Socialise For Children @Plowns

A joy of sharing comes through Facebook and Instagram while posting and sharing the selfies. Small achievements, initiatives and efforts are of course good to flaunt among the friends. Same kind of joy is spread through @Plowns. Plowns, a unique initiative gives a platform to children who thrive constantly to learn and be playful.

How To Make Best Of Your Childhood With Plowns

Plowns, is designed to give a digitised platform to children, where they can upload their creativity. It’s not about art, drawing, sketching, poetry. Its about everything and anything. You worked hard for your holidays homework. All that you can do with it is, to submit it. Who’s gonna appreciate you? Plowns does that. All the users, the children and parents, do that for you. (That reminds me of Instagram.)


What is different you get on Plowns

This is one place where young folks come to admire and seek admiration for similar interests. Your creativity is not lost among all sorts of random posts. Above all, what you once upload, goes to your own digibank that you can access anytime later. No point of losing it and no hassle to save it. Looks like nostalgic memory collection method.

Thats not all. You get to enter in monthly contests and activities and win goodies too. Isn’t that wonderful?

  • Share your creativity


This one makes you proud. Show it to the world.


  • Enter Contests

contests at plowns



  • Enjoy Compliments From Your Own Plowns Community


  • Inspire And Get Inspired

inspire at plowns

The mobile app, presently on Android, makes it even easier to use and enjoy all the features. This is little world of children where sharing is a joy and rewarded too.

Inclusive India

While providing a platform where every child gets an opportunity to showcase their efforts. All are equal and every effort is appreciable. Even if you were not able to get desired appreciation elsewhere, you can still be a star here. At the same time, each and every child is treated equal here. More often children with developmental challenge are seen deprived of a normal life. However from a broader perspective, normal cannot be defined uniformly for all. What is normal for one may be exceptional for other and vice versa. There is a spark in each and every individual that blazes with recognition and appreciation. That’s exactly the aim of Inclusive India too.


In line with the vision of “Showcasing the best in every child”, Plowns has partnered with The National Trust(Ministry of Social Justice & Welfare, Government of India) for their Inclusive India initiative.
Inclusive India Initiative aims to bring about a change in how people with developmental disabilities are viewed in our country, and thus creating an Inclusive society. As partners of the campaign, there will be a series of activities promoting this cause.

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