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Best Cookware Range With Loads Of Health Benefits

Receive from earth and give back to earth, this is the ideal cycle and when broken brings a huge imbalance in the ecosystem. Fast changing lives and less time may have compelled us to opt a lot of short cuts resulting to compromise in health. We love change and that change brings back our attention to the compromised health. Let us remind you of one of the age old cookware that’s forgotten but slowly being adopted now for the sake of health.


The Earthen Cookwares & Pots


Ancient Indian cookware widely adopted and admired in other cultures all over the world, let us know the journey, the efforts and the efficiency of its making.

clay potter
One such Potter Kanti Lal actually shared clay pan cooked food with chaaicoffee team & It was delicious!

Journey of Earthen Cookware


clay cookware

Benefits of Earthen Clay Cookware

Price of these cookware may vary from 100-1000 and so on besides there is a technique on how to use these utensils. More importantly, it is essential to know its benefits because then it’ll be tough to resist buying one if you care for your and your family’s health.


Less on Oil & Fats : Cooking in such pots are done the moist way where the steam is circulated throughout and that means you will require less oil while cooking. For the ones dieting and exercising on mind, earthen pots should be the first thing to buy.


Retained Nutrients : In a kind of closed cooking environment and the process, the nutrients of the food and vitamins are retained intact. A healthy way to get most nutrient food for the elderly ones as well.


Meaty Savour : If you chose to cook meat in these pots, be ensured that the tenderness, the juices, the flavour will only be enhanced. A perfect choice for all the slow cooked meals.


The Neutraliser The Sweetener : Clay pots help neutralising pH balance of the food being alkaline in nature. Thus turns the acid of few foods into sweetened one, like when you make tomato soup in it that gets a wonderful taste. Also, it’s said to be good for your digestion as well.


Trick to use earthen pots

Don’t heat the vessel or the pan on a high flame in the first go. Let the flame be low initially and raise gradually, while you may need to adjust it according to the kind of food you’re cooking.

Don’t wash clay pots with soap at all. It may not even be required to wash it if you’re using a coated pan when used for non greasy things. However it can be cleaned and wiped with wet cloth ( only when it’s not hot ) or else it can be cleaned using baking soda and plain water as the need be.



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