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Acquire Skills, Not Degrees

The skills versus degrees dilemma  happens all over the world. People working in various fields may not always benefit from degrees in absence of skills. Clearly seen hard fact is that, degrees don’t guarantee skills.

It is sad when a B.Sc. student don’t know how theoretical law of physics and chemistry is applied in real life. Their energy goes entirely in searching job after graduation.

Now question is that, whether it is flaw of our educational institutions or lack of clarity and focus of students. Albert Einstein famously said,

“I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.”

While our education system involves a test of memory, skill based training equips you with analytical mindset and that is what’s required after entering workforce.

In order to keep moving forward, one will always need to revisit their skill set and keep on reworking as per the requirements. Colleges will set your mind on a path for ‘How to Learn’ while skills teach you ‘How to apply learned knowledge’.

According to report by Talent Sprint in 2014, only 27% of more than 7 crores fresh graduates would be employable. Keeping this in mind only 27% of the country’s graduates are employable which is a huge waste of resources and a major concern for the increase in unemployment.

Realizing this issue of skill development, Indian government has already initiated actions in this regard. Gradually private schools and educational institutions will also have follow the path and move beyond the colonial set pattern of teaching.

There exists an expectations from educational institutions to inculcate more logical thinking than memorization. At the same time, students are advised to strategize on skill development rather than degrees collection.


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