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8 Expert Tips To Set Your Career High

Tip 1.     Setting GOALS

How often have we been told how important it is to set our GOALS! But WHY is it important to have GOALS?

Imagine a Captain of a ship failing to mark the course of travel from point A to point B before the ship leaves the dock. He doesn’t know where he will end up and certainly not at his intended destination.

Having GOALS means you set your directions to where you want to go! Our conscious mind is a GOAL setter and unconscious mind is a GOAL getter. Once you set your GOALS, your all body, mind and soul will be focussed on what you want to achieve! Setting GOALS will fuel the energy and propel you towards your GOAL!

If you have not started yet, start with small GOALS, and when you achieve them, pay attention to your feelings! The feeling of accomplishment will give you confidence, faith and courage to set higher GOALS! So what is your GOAL for this week? 🙂

Tip 2.    Commitment to your GOAL

“Success in life depends upon going from one mistake to the next without losing your enthusiasm”.

While working to achieve GOALS, we sometimes enter a phase of self-doubt and feel disheartened. It is very natural as we are all humans! However, at such times just remind yourself of your commitment towards your GOAL! Commitment is a promise to yourself from which you refuse to back down.

 “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ……Confucius

So NEVER GIVE UP, as you don’t know how close you are to your GOAL! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Tip 3. There is no ‘Failure’ only ‘Feedback’

Lately one of my old students met me in the shops and told me he has failed one of his subjects in his University course. That made me think of how often we face ‘failures’ in life?

However, in NLP, one of the presuppositions is ‘there are no failures only feedback’.  This perspective will enable you to look back and identify the way we went about doing things. For this student, the feedback is that he may not have organised his study notes as he should have or the way he processed his subject content and used it in the examination environment may not have been not appropriate.

We need to look at these so called ‘Failures’ as ‘Feedback’ and change the strategies to deal with a similar situation in future! Use your ‘failures’ as life’s learning opportunity and soldier on!

Life is Good! You will have all the BEST that this world has to offer! Be Happy!

Tip 4.     Power of Focus

After setting the GOAL for yourself, next step is to provide that energy which creates the momentum for you to move towards your GOAL! This energy comes from FOCUS!

Let me give you an analogy!

When we go out we are exposed to sun rays. On a hot day they may make you feel uncomfortable. However when you use a magnifying lens and let the sun rays pass through, the rays will have enough power to burn!

So FOCUS is like a magnifying lens through which you pass your energies and these energies then propel you towards your GOAL! FOCUS creates an environment around you which allows you to be motivated to achieve your GOAL!

One of my high school students, who is now in University, emailed me,  ‘Hi Mr. Parmar, Do you remember me from Broken Hill High School? … You taught me … about focus, when I was having a hard time in year 10 and I never forgot it. To this day I use this as a way to re-focus at uni. Thank you! Jodie, Bachelor of Science, Edith Cowan University, Perth (Aust.)

SO GO ON TRY IT YOURSELF!! Once you have set your GOALS…and are 100% FOCUSED… all you need now is PERSISTENCE! And BELIEVE in YOURSELF!

Step 5.     One Step at a Time

I would like to share a story from Reader’s Digest, April, 1997, author ‘Slaying the Dragon’! “Michael Johnson, who broke records in the 200 and 400 metre races at the Atlanta Olympics, on the reason why he spent ten years improving his time by little more than a second: Success is found in much smaller portions than most people realize.

One hundredth of a second here or sometimes a tenth there can determine who is the fastest man in the world. 

At times we live our lives on a paper-thin edge that barely separates greatness from mediocrity and success from failure. Life is often compared to a marathon, but I think it is more like a sprinter: long stretches of hard work punctuated by brief moments in which we are given the opportunity to perform at our best”.

Step 6.    Get Motivated

Most of the times, we do things for one of two reasons:

  1. Being motivated to achieve a goal, or
  2. Avoidance due to a fear of failure.

It depends which way you are facing. Choosing the right mind-set will make all the difference between your success and failure. When facing towards the goal, you will find there is nice feeling and your body, mind and heart are congruent which allows you to be enthusiastic and energized and motivated.

On the other hand, when you do things to stay away, due to the fear of failure, your goals will never be realized. Once you are in your ‘comfort zone’, you will keep doing things the same way and at times feel that you are stuck or ‘treading water’. This situation will drain your energy and you may feel tired and frustrated.

Let’s do a small task!

  • On a piece of paper write “towards” on the right and “away from” on the left.
  • Now write under each heading, in your given situation, what will drive or motivate you to take actions.
  • Under ‘away from’ you may write words which describe a situation you don’t want to be in your life, like increasing debt, poor performance, failure of relationship etc.
  • Now write under ‘towards’ words which describes what you want in your life or want to achieve, like financial abundance, meaningful and strong relationships, career advancement etc.

You will notice that when you write words under ‘towards’ will give you a nice feeling.

Now imagine you are standing between these two set of words. Ask a question to yourself – “which set of words am I facing towards?” If you are facing “away from”, no matter what your intentions, you will fall in to your old habits or behavior. This will create frustration, low energy, lack of motivation and feeling of ‘stuck’ in life.

Now let’s see how you feel when you face “towards”! These set of words will create energy and enthusiasm inside you to take action and move towards it.

Life is an outcome of our choices, make a wise one!

Step 7.    Define Happiness

We are often driven or motivated to do things by Emotions and Feelings to make us HAPPY! So what is Happiness? We all have our own way to define it! However, frequently we link happiness with material possessions or to people in our lives. By doing this, we do not realize that we have made our HAPPINESS subjective to outside factors or conditions over which we have no control.

Therefore we empower the material possessions or people to control our happiness and dis-empowering ourselves. Now the question we need to ask is – Do you want to take control of your life? If the answer is YES, then we need to get connected with our inner-self, look inside and explore who we are, and when we do that, we will experience an amazing feeling! I call that HAPPINESS! Happiness is an inside thing! So be aware of what makes you happy.

Tip 8.     Ring of Motivation

Would you like to learn a strategy or way to self motivate whenever you want? Of course your answer will be “yes”!! So here is what I want you to do.

*Please stand up.

   *Now imagine a Ring of Motivation, about 2 feet in diameter, on the floor.

     *This ring is glowing and bright, radiating energy. Once you have visualised this ring,  then remember        a time when you were totally motivated…Totally Motivated…TOTALLY MOTIVATED!

Can you remember such a time? ..Good!

*Go back to that time, go into your body and see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel the feeling    of being totally motivated!

  *When you get that feeling then step into that ring of motivation!

     *When the feeling starts subsiding, step out of it!

Repeat this a few times, either remembering a new situation when you were motivated or even feeling energetic and confident. Once you have done this process at least five times.

*Step in and see how you feel!!

  *Shrink the circle down and put it on your finger.

     *Imagine that ring of motivation is there all the time.

Whenever you need to motivate yourself, take the ring and place it on the floor and expand to 2 feet diameter and step into it! It is a great process to stay self-motivated! If you have any question, Feel free to comment & Get in touch! Best wishes and stay motivated.

Remember, if we keep doing the same things as we did in the past, we will keep getting the same results! To change the results you need to do things differently!

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