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5 Basics To Re-Start Career For Returning Mothers

Are you an opinionated mom to a lovely munchkin? Did you quit your job to take care of your little beauty? Are you now looking back to restart your career? Then here is what you all must be going through….

Well, babies truly are bundles of joy, but, they can impact your life and often change everything happening in the life till they enter the scenario. Juggling motherhood with career is often the hardest task laid in front of women and her ability to balance the odds speaks loads about her unwritten victories.

5 things to GET YOU STARTED!!!

Getting back to work after a solid break can be scary to many of us out there, but these 5 considerations below can help get one started….



Managing both baby and career properly is the balancing act, and one should try and get hold of it. This is not pretty easy as spoken, as it involves a woman to overcome lots and lots of shuffling coupled with stress. They should take over the constant feeling of guilt that might prick their soft minds and the pressure of harshness that comes in their path from the people around.


Gather your CONFIDENCE:

Confidence is the key to success and lack of it can suppress you to take up the challenge. Build up your levels of confidence, which might be affected during your eclipse period. Make use of the maturity you attained as a parent and bring out your workforce skills you have left behind for a time.


Helping hand from your partner, who can lift up your morale can be a huge support.


One should choose wisely the WORK – BABY Set up, that can satisfy you as well as your family as        they stand with you and help you during the hour of need. Therefore, assess your career options, focus and understand your interests and abilities, which may change with time and make a wise decision.


First thing that pricks every woman is the feeling of leaving behind your home and baby to restart your careers. Once you have decided to start fresh, all you need to do is to overcome this unwanted feeling and build a healthy and a positive outlook. Never consider discouraging and mutilating suggestions or statements from the people around, but stay in the cool of your head and decide what is good for you and your child.


Remember to spend some great quality time with your little one. Never neglect their needs, as they always remain your top priority. After getting back home, see that your work life or the harshness surrounding you will not have its impact on the time as well as your behaviour with your baby. Never show your frustrations on the little one. Remember, if you can not handle them for yourself, your baby is way too young to take that crap.


At the end of the day all a woman needs is to keep her baby safe and happy, her family satisfied, her job fulfilled and her spirits high. All this can be made possible only from an understanding family, a supporting employer, and a friendly workplace. So women choose wise, start great and say CHEESE!!!

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Sowmya Venuturupalli, an opinionated mom to a pretty princess enjoying motherhood, is a passionate classical dancer, a writer by interest, and a lecturer by choice. She is a lifestyle blogger and with all her interest in writing, she is intrigued to pen down the creative side in her articles.
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