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That’s My Date! A Date Most Important To Me.

It feels special to tell about special days and flaunt them everywhere. There is this new culture progressing and being accepted widely, that is celebrating special days namely Mothers Day, Environment Day, Pollution Day. Though facing a tussle of views whether these are really required or a waste of our busy time, it does take our attention to the cause. So, when it comes to Menstrual Hygiene Day, widely celebrated and shouted out on 28th May, this might raise eyebrows of many. Why on earth this day needs to be celebrated? I came to know when I actually attended this event co hosted by Ms Anika Parashar, COO Fortis La Femme and NGO Sachi Saheli.

Menstrual Day
Anita from Anganwadi, Jahangirpuri








Aware Participants

Periods, that we call it, is one such time period of the month which is most crucial yet most important for a woman. Disgracing females during that time period and keeping them secluded has been a practise unfortunately from years. Anita, one of the participants of the event, told me that she was hesitant to bring her daughter to the event being a bold subject talked about. However it was nice to know that pickles in her home don’t spoil when touched by her daughter during the menstruation cycle and she doesn’t treat her daughter untouchable during that time.

Read Between The Lines

Another interpretation of this seclusion could be, that women should not enter kitchens, as this was their primary workplace and during this time, they should perhaps take rest because of the blood loss. It’s never too late however to tell that #ItsMyDate and I need care and hygiene during this period the most.









Initiative like this, is needed even more. Where young girls, women from all backgrounds through NGOs and Anganwadi and even men are connecting and spreading awareness about it. We enjoy few rights and they make us humane and happy. Keeping a balance between rights and responsibilities makes the world even more desired place to live.

An Important Take Away

As opposed to stigma and maintaining a silence about it, an important take away for all is that, periods make a woman complete and healthy. Ozone Pharmaceuticals has also taken a step and launched feminine intimate hygiene wash. This was new to know, while talking to CEO Ozone Pharma that it requires different level of ph during reproductive years and during menopausal years. Dryness, itching, irritation, soreness, burning sensation and unpleasant odour is all that women may be suffering from but keep it to themselves until the situation gets worse. With a proper hygiene and care, all this can be avoided and life can be lived to full.

Take The Pledge

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