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Sushma Swaraj Repeated Breaking All The Norms, Re-defining Rather!

Building nation takes a lot to put in and for that we always look up to our leaders. That’s the beauty of democracy and purpose too. However, even after more than 60 years of being gifted with the breath of freedom and democracy we have been always striving to use our rights and get things done. Truly said, a leader accomplishes being so by taking right steps at right time. Sushma Swaraj, our Minster of External Affairs teaches really well how to run the nation and actually demonstrate democracy.

sushma swaraj twitter

Even a clerk doesn’t respond so quick! or may be only clerks take time.. well that’s another story.

But You better be reminded and warned rather not to act gibberish.


Sushma ji, all respect to you and all such leaders and officials who are always ready to make use of any potential platform and define a leader truly.

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