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Tweets Of Sushma Swaraj Ideate New Electioneering

Democracy means working for people, with people, keeping people’s interest above all. When it turns dark everywhere, slowly you develop a vision within. Our External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj has been exploiting twitter handle to its best for helping people and demonstrating what good governance actually means. A tweet yesterday managed to get her revert quite easily, that was about a spam call. However most of us have got pretty used to of recognising the spammers by now but in the current global scenario and sensitivity staying away from your country, such a calls become more than a hoax to deal with.

sushma swaraj

Indian people living abroad have one resort for sure, for any of the problems they face, that love and appreciation is bound to follow.


Information is shared for Madrid and Singapore as well and suggestions being shared. But isn’t it something government should make part of their strategy? A national system, a mandate for every political person elected for representing millions of people, a mandate not to disappear in the name of hard work for the nation, a mandate to remove any hierarchy and make system apparent. Perhaps time to move on from the static informative government websites only and make a robust yet transparent communication platform to interact with citizens.

A Scenario At The Verge Of Change


It’s amusing to see in India, where political parties get supporting votes to win and then we come to know who from that winning party is going to change our lives. Irony how democracy should work and how it actually does. Another tweet to Sushma Swaraj, followed in the trail gives a welcoming thought for the helpless voters, how our preferred party can be a preferred representative as well. When ballot papers and EVMs are failing to its purpose, it appears a time to bring technology unfailingly working for all.


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