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Smog Seeking Attention Towards Innovative Revelation

Smoking hot #DelhiSmog is sizzling in Delhi starting from Diwali, that’s the foremost deserving concern right now. It is pretty much clear now what factors have been leading to this severely hit situation however looking at it from a fresh perspective and taking preventive, immediate and long-term measures demand research and unanimous implementation.

Traditions Playing Part

There are a lot of traditions in diverse India, that will be hard to believe for an educated and mostly urban native. For instance, tradition of throwing kids off the temple’s roof to make them brave, and many more. So, what we do? We fight and come over it, help the person struggling with these sort of traditions. However, when we ourself impose such traditions and suffer with it, who’s going to help? A country where religion is a matter of politics, no government will step out to help you and take out the life threatening traditions unless you initiate.

Attractive Killer Fireworks

It was not the period of Lord Rama, when tradition of playing crackers started. That was innocent celebration of lights with pure ghee and oil, celebrating togetherness and meeting the loved ones. Inspired by none other than China, Indian production of fireworks started only in 1923. A product that was harmful and was invented to scare humans and animals, became source of entertainment, a deadly entertainment damaging our ears, eyes and lungs, leaving us with a polluted tomorrow that is hard to reverse.

Chronic Suffering of Smog

Be it Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Guru Purab or Cricket, there can always be a wiser way of celebration. Don’t be mistaken though that this is the only cause of smog in Delhi, where this is not just #DelhiSmog but #LahoreSmog as well.

This is happening around you, leaving you chocked. Burning Paddy waste stubble.

Needing immediate attention and implementation of changed agricultural practices, it leaves a shocking state that we have been living in and made no difference till now. Farmers’ practices to optimise yield can only be corrected with some strict, immediate and unanimous steps taken by government.

Viral Politics

This is not just one thing causing this alarming smog. There is lack of planning, lack of research and strategising at the level of all political parties somewhere. smogPoliticising each and every petty issue and not focussing on improvement areas is what is politics has been all about.  smog politicsSmog and these farming practices have been there from years but a transformation is absent mostly because of the power play and blame games and cutting the other person’s height short to become taller.

Sort It Out

There could be a constant need to keep working on improvement areas so that alarming situations like this don’t occur abruptly. To begin with they can be preventive measures and strategising for

  • Bursting Crackers ( There will be marriages and many more occasions to tempt and use fireworks, be a pioneer and #BringChange )
  • Burning Urban Garbage
  • Burning Farm Waste
  • Hyper use of Cars and Two wheelers
  • Utilising the roadsides for planting trees heavily ( long awaited since commonwealth games )
  • Compulsive guidelines, rules and support to farmers to stop burning stubble without political opposition
  • Also, being innovative and explorative in terms of finding solutions

China has been ahead in many things of India and so is smog. So taking the first plunge by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde to make Beijing smog free it reminds us and our government to think something innovative next to Metro Rail network.

As stated in World Economic Forum, this smog free project is around the towers that sucks up the carbon filled smog and cleaning it at nano-level converts the carbon into diamonds.

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Thinking beyond odd-even and institution shut is possible when Centre and State work together, without thinking to take credit. Work for people as a sole agenda, that is why you were chosen after all.

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