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Punjab Is Trending With Only One Thing Now – This Will Make You Cry

Out of all the states of India, Punjab has been one of the most sensitive polling domains in 2017 elections. Reason behind is not just lack of development and a look out for opportunities. It’s rather the finishing future of Punjab because of the addiction, that’s killing the youth already. A silent terrorism, more dangerous than any other terrorism possible anywhere. Here’s someone talking to you, to the youth of Punjab and to youth of entire India.

and it begins….

.. I have been practising everyday. Because one day I have to give my final performance.

…….. Do you even know the future?

.. Of course, I know. I am writing it after all!

……. Really? You Do Know? And what if I show you something altogether different? Will that change

your will? Will that change your path? Will you still write the same future?

What if Time was able to talk to Bhagat Singh, when he was dreaming of a free Bharat and flourishing nation? A story of dooming Punjab is recited in this song sung by Gurdas Maan. Couldn’t be any better than this.


नशा तो हमारे खून मे भी होता था
दौड़ता था रगों मे
धधकता था सीने मे आग बनकर
वही नशा जीया हमने
उसी को औड़कर सो गये धरती की गोद मे


पंजाब की धरती जिस खून से सींची है शहीदों ने

वो कब से मोह ताज हो गयी किसी नेता की कुर्सी की

कोई कह दे नये दौर के जवानों को

इनका मुस्तकबिल गिलासों मे नही




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