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How This Auto-wala Is Better Than Many Of Us

This 15th August turned out throat slashing and a catastrophe for hundreds of birds besides few animals and even young innocent kids. While many of us were flying kites, celebrating Independence, all these who suffered and even lost lives were sheerly innocent.


Government Needs Help

It was shocking to read statement by Manish Sisodia, that Environment Secretary took seven days to clear a notification that kite flying will be permissible only using cotton thread and natural fibre free from any metallic or glass traces. Perhaps he missed noticing on news or twitter that for entire seven days this notification has not become a news.

Change Makers

Anyway, what I’m writing about is not about this chinese manja news. This is about an autowala indeed. So out of all the wounded birds we also got a chance to serve a pigeon and deliver it to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Hospital for further treatment after the first aid given.


On the way, this interesting talk of these two autowalahs, will make you think, how we have become used to cribbing but not doing anything for bringing the change. Suresh (name assumed) was chewing tobacco and then Ramesh (name assumed) comes and reprimands Suresh, saying “Do you know how harmful this is for your health?”

Suresh says, “I know but I tried a lot, even reduced it to twice a day, but just can’t quit it.”

Ramesh: Why can’t you quit? Just throw it that you’re holding in your hand!

Suresh: … (He throws it.. surprising!)

Ramesh: Throw the other pack from your pocket and also the one under your seat!

Suresh:… (He does that Too!!)

Now, why this conversation really matters? 

We see people litter, we ignore.

We see people spitting, we keep quiet.

We see people making our cities open toilets, we just run away from that place.

We Don’t Even Utter A Word!!

That’s what makes Ramesh better than most of us and eventually bringing a change in Suresh’s life and even in the society overall. This is how change is brought.

We @chaaicoffee urge all of you to Pledge today, when you see something that needs to be changed, you will at least say it once. Nicely! Logically! whatever and however-ly! But, you will speak!!

Raising your voice over social media is just not enough. Because most of those who need to change might not be on social media.

It would be really great to receive your comments and stories relevant. 🙂

Do Comment, Do Like and Best of All Do Share AS MUCH YOU CAN!

Be the Chain to Bring the Change!!!!


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