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Crying Delhi – A Call To Action !!!

Once upon a time, we saw a revolutionary image, a man ready to give his life to bring change at a patriotic level. Delhi roads and grounds turned into freedom fighting battle grounds. There was a rush of adrenaline in each & every common man. At that point of time people would have been ready to even risk their own life become krantikari once again for the nation, for the good of people. This was a turning point in history after 1947.

What happened then?

Delhi got a true leader, a common man with saintly philosophies on his tongue. He was so ordinary and plain man that even public attacked him many times but he remained calm and kept on walking on his journey to change.

Then Change started occurring….

A bag full of lures started flowing. This time it was not fake promises but some honest, serious and attractive charms.

Change 1 – Discounted Electricity Bills

Change 2 – Water Bills Negligible

Change 3 – Rehab of Slums

Change 4 – Support hand to Auto Drivers

Change 5 – Gali Mohalla Clinics

Change 6 – Pollution Drive

Change 7 – Launch of Cleaning Vehicles for Roads

How effective and appreciable these changes have been, that’s another point of discussion. There is still a lot that could have been taken care of but hasn’t. As of now, call it Swachhta Mission or providing one of basic amenities to citizens i.e. Clean Surroundings to live, walk and breathe in. This is one such crucial requirement which fails to draw attention of even the common man government.

Our Delhi is parted in two, one part includes area that attracts tourists around the monuments, Parliament, President House, Museums, Minister’s residences & so on while there is other Delhi, in the alleys adjoining these areas or where those common people live who had dwelled krantikari dreams to change Delhi. This other part of Delhi has Most Inferior Quality Roads, Littered Corners every 10 steps, Unplanned Municipality Work, Piling heaps of garbage, Men at Work signboard 24*7 and there would be even more.

This is not description of a developing village. This is Delhi. We thought to suggest our MLA’s how they can serve better, for what they were voted and elected.

Surprisingly, just one suggestion was enough to turn things around. That is to stay connected with each voter… not just through an app but also through a helpline in order to let every literate and illiterate, rich and poor, person inform their ground problems and take feedbacks.

दिल्ली अचानक इतनी हसीन लगने लगी
आजकल हर मोड़ पर कॅमरा लेकर बैठते हैं!! 😛

One effort we have taken by starting #CryingDelhi that will highlight the issues of every nook n corner going unnoticed year by year, government by government.

Today’s Highlight – #DelhiRains #FloodedRoads

Take a look at the pictures of Central Delhi, where for the first time water entered houses in 15 minutes of rain. Where in the name of changing sewage pipelines, roads are left broken at a stretch of about 1KM in residential area.. Reason of water logging till knees and Home of breeding Mosquitoes.

Check it out

Crying Delhi Rain

Delhi Bring Change

Change Delhi

Share your experience with us. You can be living from years waiting for change and a better life. It’s time to raise voice else no change will ever occur. Let us know your view on Your City, Your Roads, Your Streets and A Lot like that. Open up and Support #CryingDelhi #BringChange

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