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A Compelling Story To Tell Change Begins At Home

Change Begins At Home! This is one line most of us have heard in our families. Reason to convey this could possibly be, that when you want to do something good, start doing good from your home and family. So ultimately you become a peacemaker, a creator, an innovator for your family. That’s nice! What if another line was taught to us that Change is Carried on and Conveyed to World!!

Beti Bachao is Good. Beti Padao is also Good. But then what? Out of 1.3Billion population, 48% count goes to women in our country, where only 20% are told to be working in organised sector. Most women get to choose working but stay at home working, be it working from home for corporates and earn or work for their home with their household chores and taking care of their families.

Reason to focus on women and bifurcate their working pattern is to remind these brilliant women why they are doing, what they are doing. It is because studies tell that women are great administrators and they are master at multi-tasking with perfect efficiency. It’s no child’s or man’s play to work from home along with managing a family with equal perfection.

An Idea Struck .. In addition however, after coming across a video, it struck me, when women are such good multi taskers what if they blend it with their quality of nurturing and become a reformer at large. Education teaches us to excel, find solutions, make ways and taste success. Believe me, there is no rejuvenation better than bringing a change in society and tasting a success at it.

Who has time? If you say, you don’t have time for reforms and bringing change, think again. You’re exactly that ant who is destructive and constructive irrespective of it’s size. One big nation, that got freedom long back and still looks like a village compared to other developing countries that gained independence way after us. If each one of us take up just one small cause to bring change and make it a point to regularly monitor it and do the needful when needed, won’t our country change?

Each one of you can have a greater Reason.. Let’s move to a greater reason to exist in this world, Let’s serve our nation beyond paying taxes. Let’s become a child again who cries, who demands, who gets what he wants and when he wants.

Get inspired with what we can do being educated with bulk of certificates and degrees. Also, inspire those around you who are not educated enough to read this. Education is Ability, Not Degrees!

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