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Care For A Very Tiny Story? Sparrow Again!

Bright mornings or breezy evenings, they were all beautiful when that tiny little creature used to hop in my terrace. It just refused to sit quiet but its voice was as good as ringing tiny bells to my ears. My sketch book had its picture for sure and in drawing competitions, drawing a trail of this little brown bird made me feel proud many times.

sparrow trail

Time passed and I got busy. With many things necessary and unnecessary. When I blamed the life to be too busy and unkind at times, leaving me with less peaceful moments, I closed myself in that open terrace for hours. Idle. Luckily saw a bird. It was a sparrow. Does that mean sparrows still exist? I resorted to a thought that may be that have also moved to NCR region, being metropolitan too crowded. Or may be to the green developing societies!

What exactly happened that this sweet and always dancing sparrow moved out of my city.. and my drawing book too?

चिरिया री चिरिया लौट के आजा
मेरे आँगन मे गेहूँ बिखरा पड़ा है
खेलेंगे पानी मे लोट लोट के
तू भी और मैं भी|
ये नींद अब वैसी टूटती नही
जैसी के तेरे चहचाने से
करते हैं इंतेज़ार रंग मेरे
फिर से तेरी तस्वीर बनाने को
मैने पेड़ भी लगाया है अब तो
बैठेंगे उसकी भी छाँव मे
तू भी और मैं भी|

Did You Know?


Sparrows bathe themselves in dust in place of water. They love dust bath.

Sparrows can swim to escape predators despite being a non water bird.

They hop rather than walking.

They are known to eat more than 830 different foods.

Sparrows can fly at the speed of 38.5km/hour.

A house sparrow’s retina has 4Lac photo receptors per square mm.

Young ones of sparrows fly out usually after 15 days of birth.

They are fed on worms and other insects to get protein.

These are very sociable birds.


world sparrow day

What You Can Do?

Keep your surroundings green.

Place grains and small water tubs for them on terrace.

These tiny homes will fit beautifully in your homes.


Or may be these

bird feeder

Image source

And then, sing to this in your times too 😀



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