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7 Monsoon Gardening Tips for Gorgeous Greens

Do you like sight of greens? Bet you do. We see plenty tiny gardens in tiny balconies of the city as well. Even if you have a garden around, you owe this garden in your balcony which you tend to care like your baby or sometimes your buddy.

Everyday you wake up to see your plants grow little more and look little more beautiful. However any garden will not look luscious and green simply by sowing seeds or planting stalks. They need enough care coupled with patient labor.

Monsoons are the best time of the year for plant breeders and disastrous at the same time with little ignorance and mal-handling.

What causes the Harm?

Decreased sunlight characterizes the torrential downpour seen during this season and can affect proper plant growth by causing dormancy and yellowing of the greens. The high humidity and lodged water can cause root rot and decay.

The Rescue 7:

1. Controlled Water Supply


NO, Your plant does not need 2 liters of water a day like you.

Remember, Excess water just like water scarcity is a major problem for the greens as it can rot the plants.

Better skip sometimes to water when soil is still moist.

2. Soil Science

soil science

You don’t need to be a soil scientist but little common sense won’t harm. Trust me!!

Monsoons are marked by continuous and torrential downpours, which should be drained easily.

Therefore, use porous and quick drain soil, so that water lodging within the pots can be prevented to a greater extent. Simply, change the soil to the least!

3. Enrichments


Do not forget to add some fertilizers to your garden soil.

Earthworms are believed to be farmer’s friends as they are known to enrich the soil.

Do make use of natural fertilizers like the manure and support these by using fertilizer sprays.

4. Weeding


Getting rid of unnecessary plants that arise during rains is an important thing. They do interfere your plants’ growth.

5. The Moss


Green patches over the surface of the soil as well as on the pots is a common site during the monsoons.

Get rid of this algae completely that takes advantage from the rain. Even your pots can form prey for the moss.

Growth of algae can result in rotting the plant very soon.

6. Pruning


Monsoons are welcome signs for grisly whirlwinds.

These can cause maximum damage to the long branches in your garden.

Better trim your greens to prevent any unwanted consequences that can turn out troublesome.

7. The Bugs and the Ticks

Finally the Insects, that are a real menace during monsoons.

The rainfall brings in insects that visit your garden and ruin it.

Take care of these bugs by allowing frogs and toads to jump into your gardens.

Monsoon in fact can ease your work and help your greens get thick and strong. All you need to do is ensure a good drainage, precise pruning and well-defined weeding techniques for a resourceful monsoon.

So simply, turn your green thumbs up and enjoy gardening in the ideal monsoons, which are marked by the looming clouds.

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