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The Full Circle

The Full Circle, A Book, A Saga : Review

There is a karmic account, many of us believe, that we keep reconciling. Love, Hatred, Joy, Pain and many more such notions we may experience time to time, with or without an explanation to it. Talking about the book, authored by Ratan Kaul, The Full Circle, has not left me from its hallucination kind of feeling.

Book: The Full Circle

Author: Ratan Kaul

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Genre: Romance, Fiction (I personally will include it in Suspense)

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Why you should read The Full Circle?

  1. The story budges with the bright expectations of an engineer and few tweaks that take place in his work place. A journey that is decided by the fate but a fate that is nowhere pre-decided  – Greatest Suspense, compels to flip the next chapter.
  2. It’s not pre-assumed that any research will be required to write a fiction. After all its a Fiction! But, Ratan Kaul has gone beyond the usual to give you a reality version of this fiction. – A story, that lives!
  3. Life is full of surprises and so is this fiction. Surprises never cease to happen and Rohit, witnesses the same on every turn. It’s not always rosy next step but when the circle completes, it looks beautiful.

A saga of unrequited love, love that leaves the circle incomplete of continues to become full in the eternity! A tale of love, that never began or that stood alone existing!

4. Finally, the expression, the dialogue, and the conviction or the characters make them look real.

…. and that’s how I still feel the hallucination. As if, I haven’t read the book but lived it.

My take on the novel: Looking forward to more from Ratan Kaul. A buy worth flipping through time n again.

My Ratings: 4.5/5



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