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Anubha Gupta

Happiness | An Upcoming Subject in School Curriculum?

“Your Search for Happiness ends Here” book in search of happiness by Anubha Gupta, tarot consultant who framed her journey into this beautiful book of her, is all set with a question for you to find answer and unveil your happiness. Start flipping the book in a state where you are half happy and by the time you complete reading the book, your search for happiness ends. Book cover, very aptly demonstrates the same, how Anubha feels.

Anubha Gupta
Picture taken by Anubha’s Daughter

For Anubha, Happiness is not just a smile, it’s a situation it’s a you and yourself. Her book tells us about the nine mantras you need to be happy. She adds, “ first and foremost – you should know your personality.” According to her 90% people wants to ape others. They don’t want to be themselves, they are not confident about themselves as they think other people’s life is more beautiful. She thinks that social media has a huge influence in it as it has become a mode of comparison among the youth.

In conversation with Anubha | How to find Happiness

When asked what do you want to potray through the book, she said, the book is not about me its about you. Every chapter in this book is dealing with you. Its about the ‘Little me’ in your brain which is active. The “little me” helps you to think, for some people “little me” is very active, they tend to think a lot of things at the same time, it triggers you – talk to your little me !  That’s the way you will find happiness !” 

Gaining adorable comments, place your order for : Your Search for Happiness Ends Here

Learning Happiness in School Curriculum | Great Idea!!

The book is a practical self healer in it self. Every chapter has a quiz or a question bank which helps you to analyze yourself, and once the analyzation is done the solution in the book lies ahead.  The best thing about the book is that it will really make you meet the REAL YOU ! The chapters are short and crisp pointing out the essentials only. This book was unveiled by Manish Sisodia, who has been the deputy chief minister of Delhi. Manish Sisodia wants this course of happiness to come into school curriculum.

||Learning Happiness is a constant journey but one can start learning to work towards same||

Inspiration and Path to Happiness

Her grandfather, also a practitioner of numerology and astrology has been a source of inspiration. The books in his bookshelf fascinated her and her journey into the field of tarot begins from there.  For her “Tarot is not a science but an art.” She believes in God and says that superstition and fear of god is important because it acts as a catalyst. It gives you more energy to do good work.  In her daily regime visiting Gurudwara is a everyday phenomenon. Everyday she spends 10-15 minutes in gurudwara.

What made Anubha write a book on Happiness?

“ We don’t know what will make us happy, we don’t have our meditation techniques. We don’t know ourselves we don’t know what we like or dislike.” says Anubha Gupta.

Time comes when everyone is in a mad rush. People forget what’s loving themselves and unintentionally celebrate their sorrows. Earlier people used to go to parks when they were unhappy, now they go to pubs. Again something where you’re escaping from your being. They all are running away from reality.

9 Happiness Mantras

Happiness Mantra


Happiness Mantra

According to her time is changing people are no more interested in settling abroad, there is an improvement in the family relationships – daughters are understanding importance of their in-laws. Now a days children are teaching their parents rather than vice versa. At the same time there are problems within people and their trust issues, most of them find it difficult to share their sorrows with their family or friends the element of judging and insecurities creeps in. So here the book comes to your rescue. It not only address your problem it also heals them. As Anubha says ,” You are your own healer.”

Journey of Anubha – from Anubha to the Happiness Messenger

Anubha Gupta is a renowned Tarot Consultant & Author. Anubha Gupta (born on 6th December ‘1980) is a renowned Tarot Consultant, Life Coach, known for her positivity, smile, and cohesion. A noted public figure, Anubha is also an Indian Author and Columnist who writes for self-help, career development, inner peace, nurture relationships, etc. Anubha Gupta was born and brought up in New Delhi (India) in a simple middle-class family. Her initial years were rather tough as she lost her father at an early age.  She studied in Airforce School and later Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. During her days of education she started helping fellow students and in a small span of time she indulged herself in counseling. To enhance her knowledge in the same direction. She took classes from various Sr. Tarot Card Readers with special concealing sessions from “Alternate Healers” and Shamim Institute Singapore by learning Numerology and Fenshui as well. Anubha started her profession life coach in the year 2004 with a small client base and in span of short time led to an increase of clientele from all over Delhi and later international.In the spirit of motivating her clients for a more prosperous and happy life. She learnt aura reading and palmistry in the year 2009. Apart from above, Anubha wrote her 1st book in 2018 called “Your Search for Happiness Ends here” to spread the smile and happiness all around.


We would like to wish Anubha a great success and may you come up more and more books and spread happiness worldwide.

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