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For the sake of love

For The Sake Of Love, Love Unwind

For the sake of love, you do an extra bit. For the sake of love, you may be walking on a road less travelled. How far can you go, For the sake of love? Recent book by Anamika Mishra, ‘For the Sake of Love’ seemed an easy and light and lovy dovy read to me initially. To my utter surprise, this was not that easy.

Book                    : For the Sake of Love

Author               : Anamika Mishra

Publisher          : Westland Publication Ltd

Genre                 : Romance, Fiction

Where to buy   : Amazon

What is it like to read a so called romantic novel? ‘For the Sake of Love’ layer by layer…..

One letter, Two letters, Three letters, Four letters… and you’re not yet introduced to the characters. Then begins a story, having some dialogues, some characters that appear to pop up from real life. Then again some love letters of the same person, you’re still not familiarized with. Cutting short..

  1. It’s an experience where you surf on the tides, where the emotions of an unknown person splashes on your face, and leaves you amazed in a way that you again look forward to experience it.
  2. Love can have no definition. A wait for a lifetime, or every small reason to express how important the other person is. The book simply lets you drench in love all over again. 
  3. I must say, the conversation of every character is kept in such a simple and lively manner. It, nowhere, let’s you feel bombarded with the dialogues, nor allows you to feel out of the place.               You will be IN the story, WITHIN the book.
  4. One reason you’ve picked this book to read is that you believe in love. Somehow it takes little time to come out of the story and be yourself again. 
  5. A love story may easily become predictable or say too cheesy but here it’s not so. Reason can be because it’s not about a love story, it’s about a journey of love and as they say It’s not the destination but the journey that excites you.

My take on the novel:

For me it wasn’t easy finishing this book because I didn’t want it to be finished. Enjoyed every twist of the story. Twisha, Bobby, Alex can be anyone but David is indeed rare to find around, indeed a great inspiration though. There were few places when I was expecting something else to happen but actually it turned out to be something else, and this is what keeps a reader glued.

My Rating: 4.5/5


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