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An Important Pillar Of Business So Well Explained By Sandhya Jane

How far your love for anything takes you in your journey and how well you meet professionalism and your passion along, depends to a greater extent on your vision. Vision for what you presently are doing and foreseeing the need of the coming times. Listening to Management Consultant turned Author to quite a few books now, Sandhya Jane, I must say, was one of the most gluing experience. It’s like she has something for everyone. Her latest publish is Business Analysis-Q&A. Taking you through the lively session with her.

“Business Analysis – Q & A” is a comprehensive platter for the aspirants in the field and those who are in the field and gaining experience. How distinct it is for the readers? in your words… 

“Shane Co. is the largest privately owned jeweler in the United States. Company incurred 900 M USD losses and had to file for bankruptcy in 18 months due to a failure of ERP Solution Implementation” 

“Knight Capital implemented a new trading platform which they wanted to use it but not execute the trade, however due to a glitch in the platform instead of only allowing it to place orders it went ahead and executed the orders as well & the company incurred 440 M USD losses. 

Sandhya Jane Author
Business Analysis Q&A, unconventionally made it so simple to understand in and out of the trade.


Classic examples which underlines the importance of Business Analysis for organizations striving to implement a change. Sandhya Jane with her thorough knowledge & love of technology explains the readers about the crucial role a Business Analyst plays when organizations are looking to implement big changes. It is important for organizations to understand the long term implications of implementing a solution in order to stay updated not become obsolete.

It is important for an Business Analyst to understand the nature of business, its customers, cultures, services, products, organizations needs current & future, risk factors etc..for evaluating & implementing a solution.  She explains that it is not the technology or coding which one needs to know, it is important that one understands how the technology works and where it is applicable. It is only when you understand the environment and business well and speak to customers in their language that’s when you will be successful as a Business Analyst and that’s when you will be able to create that extra edge and exceed customer expectations.

The book comes in a Q&A format unlike the classic text book format which makes it easy for the readers to understand. Book combines conceptual, process, engineering so whether one is looking for answers to specific questions, understand the different kind for analysis, how to mitigate risks, which exams one needs to undertake etc.. this book has answers to all the questions. Be it aspiring Business Analyst (technical or non-technical background), experienced Business analyst or as a company looking to change their process, this book answers all the queries and it is complete guide which enables you to launch a successful career or stay competitive in the field.

(Sandhya’s next book is on Business transformation & how to handle the big change.)

A management Consultant and Coach, thats what you are. Do you make choices in picking companies / entrepreneurs whom you mentor?

As a management consultant it mainly depends on one’s core area of specialization. The company should see the value in you for hiring you as an consultant, it should be a right match.

It was first thing on my mind and made me curious to know more about your earlier books published. Knowing about them made me say, you have something for everyone. So what made you write your first book and the next and the next?

“I have always been very passionate about writing and did freelance journalism during college days.  My experience as professional and having interacted with women from different cultures & background, I wanted every person to indentify the woman behind the professional veil and the struggles they face to strive the work-life balance.

And so I wrote Second Spring. There are large numbers of women today who work in organisations & strive to balance professional and personal life. The book is a assimilation of real life experiences, it is a mature romance story which talks about a lady banker who is a single mom and she falls in love with her office colleague. Her love doesn’t materialize so she leaves India and moves to US and her journey.

A Story of love and Life….Woman who cannot compromise.. A man who will not dare to care… A love blossomed was deeper than the passion

The simplicity of the book which comes straight from the heart helps the readers to connect with the book and identify themselves, a must read for every woman.

You have also penned a poetry book ‘Soujourn of Life’ So how diverse is Sandhya? 🙂 Business Mentor to Life Philosophies in A Second Spring to a Poet… 

While mentoring for business and management, have you ever found yourself actually mentoring for life? 

Yes, Indeed! It is rather integrated into coaching, right from what they should do to how they should build their career, disciplining themselves and completing their task.


Having seen your profile so far, you look like an avid learner, come what may. Have you always planned your next engagement? 

Being a process driven person, planning is a integral part of her life, right from day to day activities to high level planning, big milestones, to the recipes in the kitchen all is organized & planned.

…. she even plans her bi-weekly cooking schedule.. whoa!!

Different corporate cultures, numerous experiences, could you distinguish this difference across countries and ventures?

She has worked with many nationals across the world, every country is culturally very different. However the key things she highlights professionally.

“Indians when they say we will give it by tomorrow it means it will take few days, where as in western countries a commitment acts like a bond, you will get what has been promised sometimes even before the deadline.” 😛

If one cannot finish work in 8 hrs means you are inefficient!! A key message to the youngsters from Sandhya, it is important to balance work & life and work from home should given to young mothers otherwise we will be wasting talent by forcing them to sit at home by not allowing flexibility.

It also helps the organization to save money with work from home options, saving on electricity, space, food etc. almost in all areas so then why they should not allow this option.

Finally, What makes you the happiest? 


Any task big or small, one must complete it and exceed expectations.


Smile on her sons face & spending time with her family. Helping people to build lives are important

“Change is the only thing which is constant so be ready for it with or without technology is what she would like to leave her readers to imbibe”. 

A Say to young professionals

Be true to professionalism and at the same time don’t forget to live life. There will be no need to sacrifice on any front just to be working all the time once you make it a point that every small step each day will contribute to your achievements.

The ChaaiCoffee Thought:

We loved listening to you, Sandhya Jane. Your experience as an author, as a mentor, as a person speaks for itself. We’re sure your books will speak to its readers in the same manner and thus establish the exact connect that you did with us. 🙂


About the book – This book will help an aspiring business analyst or an experienced business analyst to go through the rigours of the interview process in order to prove his/her knowledge, skill, ability, and worth to a prospective employer. The intent of this book is to provide a comprehensive guide to help aspiring as well as experienced business analysts prepare for interviews for suitable roles. The Question & Answer format of the book seeks to guide readers in planning and organizing their thoughts in a focused and systematic manner. Additionally, this book also aims to not only clarify existing concepts but also help candidates to enhance their understanding of the field. Thus, the book can also be used for preparing for professional certification exams offered by various international institutes.


Co-interviewed by Banshri 

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