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Ability on Wheels

An Ability To Take You On A Drive, Differently

That’s a Trio – The Three Aces…. It is often said that every person taking birth has a purpose to serve, only he needs to realise it. An effort leads to an achievement and an achievement leads to an appreciation. You only need to make one honest effort and it will follow its course. One similar effort with full honesty was attempted by Harish Kumar of Ahmedabad, Gujrat. Having one hand amputated since birth, Harish reserved his name in Limca Book along with an appreciation and recognition from government as well. That was not the end. He made his dream other people’s dream as well, who otherwise could only wish to explore world on four wheels, with Ability On Wheels.

and these are Super Powers!!


A person having only one of his legs, someone with none of them or one having only one of his hands, could we imagine them driving a four wheeler next to us on roads? This was made possible by this Superbly Able person, Harish Kumar, by innovating such mechanism in cars for these people with something missing in their body but nothing less than electrifying quintessence, their courage and desire to DO IT!

something for all of you….

Ability on Wheels

This would have been a thoroughly interesting, motivating and even learning experience, imparting driving training to specially able people and each training would have a new such story worth knowing. So, Harish penned it down for all of us to read. Who knows this could be a turning point in someone’s life, taking on inspiration from these lively stories.

PS: On second thoughts, why not replace our fairy tales with such fairly lively tales?!

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