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7 Ideas To Crazily Customise Your Bike

Biking is healthy to some and a passion for others. The fitness buzzer has made many comfortable riding a bike more often. Your childhood has paddled a lot, like a free spirit. Then what happened that you stopped? May be you wanted to try out something new, something even better. Motorised vehicles are no longer the only option to try something new, classy, sassy, jazzy and blah blah.. How to make your bike at par your dreams? How to customise your bike with new cool looks?

Crazy about handmade? Prefer something exquisite? Check these out! Don’t miss out reading the features. They’re are only special.

Cool Customised Gears

Crazy Lights
Bike LightsBicycle Lights

Light up your path with kinetic lighting. This is weatherproof, rugged and mounts on to the bicycle spokes. Moreover, its anti-theft. Just let the wheel roll and you get the amazing patterns.

Stylish Bicycle Fenders










Thats handmade bamboo fender. That’s an exclusive, solid bamboo taken from recycled skateboard material that makes it real strong. Said to be compatible with most bikes.

Carriage To Carry The Delicate Stuff

Bike Carriage












There are few things you can’t cut on. Be it water to hydrate or wine to celebrate. Don’t overburden your back. Use this leather strap designed to carry that party pal as it is from start till end.

Would you believe? It’s handmade from olive oil treated vegetable-tanned leather.

Handmade Comfy Saddles For Bikes

Once again handmade saddles carrying a history of 100 years, this one is rigid and flexible both at the same time.

Flexible, weatherproof and instantly comfortable, this craftsmanship is perfect for city riders.


bike seat

LED Your Bike Back


Bike Accessories

Certainly you do get light gears to light up the rear for night ride but ever you lost it? Or you needed to remove it every time so to prevent theft? Yes, that happens. This LED fits within the seatpost. Changing batteries shall be required only once or twice a year, as believed. Its 5 LEDs and 5 light modes ( blink, pulse, trail, scatter and steady ).

You get integrated On/Off control, waterproof, and run time as much as 200 hours in blink mode.


Tools For Your Bike

Bike Tools

You just don’t want to end up in a repair shop for every small issue. In the middle of a ride? No way!

Collective experience of as many as 700 riders has contributed to this amazingly useful multi-tool. Its got keys, screwdriver and wrench for that matter. ( Take care of your love 🙂 )


Head Gear That Really Protects


head gear








This woodgrain bicycle helmet is all set to protect your head but also it lets your head breathe with 16 holed vents. Made from pine wood, it’s flexible and strong enough. And gives a classy look indeed.

Head gear


Was there anything else you were looking for your bicycle? Do let us know.

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