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Why Relationship Healing is Need of the Hour

We see so much discontentment in relationship these days. So many people get together and then break up…or worse marry and then divorce.

It has become almost impossible to be truly happy in a relationship. People are having so much difficulty finding and maintaining relationships. Why it is so hard these days?

Committing to being in a relationship means the relationship comes first—it comes before being right. The hard part is to accept that life works best when we don’t try to control it.

Understand Astrological Viewpoint

Astrologically speaking, modern era is the era of Rahu. Rahu is obsession, illusion, cunningness, materialism and much more..we can see Rahu is dominating everything at this time. Relationships has become the biggest joke and people are obsessed with materialistic desires.

That’s why relationship healing is the need of the hour.

I’ll talk about two Effective Methods of Relationship Healing…

1st method is astrological remedies— planetary transit and affliction to 5th and 7th house is the main reason behind strained relationship between couples. If there is problem in relationship, it is important to see which planet is creating the disturbance and then appropriate remedies can be applied. Vedic remedies are very powerful in bringing relief from malefic planets.

2nd method is relationship counseling—relationship counseling is a form of talk therapy which highlights negative and positive aspects of a relationship that can help a couple to understand the relation they share and how they feel about each other. How to resolve it by better understanding of themselves and each-other without blame games. Letting go Ego battles of being Right. Much can be shared and said . Feel free to call if you are facing a relationship turmoil or want to know how to make it last a life time against all odds.

Vedic Astrologer, Healer, Counselor Alok Awasthi, provides astrological guidance as well as spiritual healing to improve Health, Relationship, Career and other aspects of life. Knowing yourself with the support of astrological insights reduces stress and anxiety and brings great self confidence. Get clarity that brings peace, joy and abundance plus free birth chart. Get connected for more details.



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