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Most Modern Approach To Astrology Revealed

Astrology is helpful, fascinating but its little complicated. It requires deep study and knowledge to make it work for us. Everyone fitting into the 12 star signs to rely on and predicting the future looks immature. It’s ok to feel good about the good things predicted and be warned when something alarming said. Fact is that, every second counts while telling the future, be it within the same zodiac sign.


The App Astrobuddy launched by Nyassa Astro Corp Pvt Ltd brings most scientific and unconventional method to make it useful for us. First of all, its your personal buddy and gives you one to one chat based astrology service. After downloading the app, here’s what you get instantly.


  1. Star sign based horoscopes & predictions.
  2. Detailed daily horoscope
  3. Most needed areas covered i.e. Love, Relationship, Finance, Career and Mood also.
  4. Tip of the day.

In addition, you get more precise and unique astrology consultation by entering your time, date and place of birth.

Astrology is no religion

Astrobuddy serves no myth or superstition based on any religion. Astrology is pure science based upon the planetary movements. That is what Astrobuddy is all about.

An approach busting all conflicts

The man behind curating Astrobuddy is astrologer Bhupesh Sharma. Bhupesh Sharma says that astrology is no prediction but indication. Known for breaking the myths and stereotypes, he offers way different solution to what is traditionally suggested by astrologers.

“Astrobuddy is launched to serve a large set of geographically dispersed audience. We aim to remove the remedial gimmick which most of the astrologers now a day suggest. Our focus is completely on providing scientific and practical solutions irrespective of any religion.” says astrologer Bhupesh Sharma.

So now there is no need to live with fears of hoax and blind faith in astrological remedies. The app does not respond on system generated model. One can connect with well known astrologers and chat one to one for the doubts and solutions.

What do you get in Astrobuddy?

Astrobuddy is designed to give you calculative solutions to your queries and problems. Besides, it’s with you at every step, telling you these for the Day, for the next day, for the month and for the entire year:

  • Your Horoscope
  • Love & Relationships
  • Finance & Career
  • Your Mood
  • Tip of the Day

One of most amusing part that many people will connect with, is Myth Buster. Ever encountered these?






There are even more to make you feel easy and relaxed in life.

All the chats with astrologers have Privacy Protection through encrypted chats.

This app has a very Simple & Intuitive user interface which users can use on the Go from anywhere.

Availability: Android, IOS

AstroBuddy To Me

Approaching an astrologer used to be like taking an appointment and visiting some place after an appointment. It’s actually been easy and accessible at every doubt of my life. Best about AstroBuddy is that, it does not force me to go back to those blind faiths. They were really hard to pursue for me personally. Astrology is a science, a study, good to see it’s logically introduced.


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