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Know Your Special Valentine’s Day Prediction for 2017

Starting a day well is like meeting your expectations. Know your zodiac prediction for this special day on valentine and go in the right flow. Also, benefit with the tarot tip by Astrologer and Tarot Reader, Rekha Vohra.

CAPRICORN – 22nd Dec-19th Jan

Somethings will come as a shocking news or some love relations might break. But don’t worry whatever will happen will happen for best. Some new love affair or marriage is also indicated.

Tarot Tips: Be open to new relation coming in your life.

AQUARIUS – 20th Jan-18th Feb

Some changes are indicated in the relationship but be careful as you might feel trapped in a relationship from where you might feel that there is no rescue. There will be a way just be very clear in your thoughts and give more time to relationship.

Tarot Tips: Time to be serious and focus on your love relationship.

PISCES – 19th Feb-20th Mar

Indicates commitment issues in relationship. Spend some more quality time with your lover but at the same time don’t give your power to your lover.

Tarot Tips: Focus on the good things that have come from relationships from the past.

ARIES – 21st Mar-19th Apr

Be careful as two timing in relationship could create mental tension and worries. Be careful as infatuation or temporary falling in love is indicated.

Tarot Tips: Just to prove your point don’t loose your true love.

TAURUS – 20th Apr-20th May

Indicates little confusion in taking love relationship ahead, inspite of having a partner you will still be looking around for a partner. Give little space in relationship to enjoy good relationships.

Tarot Tips: Be clear in your communication with your loved ones.

GEMINI – 21st May-21st Jun

You might find difficulty in taking relationship ahead as some changes are indicated. Avoid domination and ego issues in love relationship and be open in sharing your feelings.

Tarot Tips: Give space and freedom in love relationship to enjoy good relationship.

CANCER – 22nd Jun – 22nd July

Temporary separation is indicated in the relationship due to some arguments and quarrels in relationship. But don’t worry as in future relationships will improve and engagement or marriage is indicated in the relationship.

Tarot Tips: To enjoy good relations do little Adjustments.

LEO – 23rd Jul – 22nd Aug

Try and accept the truth in relationship as it will helpful. Some travel with your lover or engagement or marriage is indicated. Be very careful in commitment as you might regret certain decisions.

Tarot Tips: Try to manage your relationship properly.

VIRGO – 23rd Aug – 22nd Sep

Be careful as some backstabbing or cheating in your relation can break the relation permanently. Try to get all the facts and trust your intuition as someone might give wrong information in your relationship.

Tarot Tips: After suffering there will be improvement in love life.

LIBRA – 23rd Sep – 23rd Oct

You will be ready to face any challenges in love life. Try and be very open in communicating your feelings to your loved ones as keeping secrets will create issues and later on all the secrets will be revealed.

Tarot Tips: Nothing built on lie can remain standing for long.

SCORPIO – 24th Oct – 21st Nov

Despite of good relations temporary separation or a need for a space is indicated in love relationship. Try and take someone’s help to solve relationship issues.

Tarot Tips: You will find solution by dealing calmly with love relationship issues rather than attacking the people.

SAGITARRIUS – 22nd Nov – 21st Dec


Enjoyment of good personal relationship is indicated. There will also be stability, security or your might travel with your lover.

Tarot Tips: Don’t get so much involved in the love relationship that you forget other relationship.


Knowledge of horoscope and prediction sets you sail in right direction, plan your day better and measure your steps. Little changes as per your prediction may be much fruitful and beneficial.

Blessings and wishes for the day!

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Rekha Vohra
Rekha Vohra is a renowned Astrologer and Cosmic Healer who provides guidance on long term, short term and micro level by looking at birth charts. Through Tarot Card readings she helps her clients to reveal what is really happening below the surface or events around us, who don't believe in Astrology but believe in an intuitive reader.